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Hanbee Vietnamese Korean Teaching Center in Da Nang

 Studying Korean language will not only help you gain an additional skill at work, but also an opportunity to interact with Koreans in Vietnam, and study abroad in Korea.

With the motto of Confidence with Korean ability ”, the Korean language teaching center in Danang Hanbee provides knowledge and equips students with strong Korean foundation to achieve academic success at the school, and in work that involves the country, the people of Korea. Hanbee Korean Language Center, formerly known as Vuon Phuoc Language and Informatics Center), founded in 2002, is an educational project for students wishing to learn, learn and research languages. as well as Korean culture. With the focus on student-centered experience, Hanbee Korean Language Center has been an ideal environment for students to learn Korean with many levels. To get the most suitable class advice, contact the center immediately.

Danang Korean Language Center - Danang Foreign Language University is suitable for elementary Korean learners with teachers who have input from University lecturers. In order to create the best and most favorable learning opportunity for CoGo members, as well as the gift of gratitude to customers who have been supporting CoGo, CoGo Trading and Service Joint Stock Company has cooperated with Foreign Language Center. Hanbee (SONAMU Co., Ltd.) organizes an introductory Korean course for all CoGo members and staff in Hanoi. Vietnamese has 6 tones and more consonant sets than Korean so pronunciation of Chinese characters is relatively easy and Vietnamese Vietnamese pronunciation of Vietnamese Pinyin is rarely homophonous; if homonym, it means words That is also in the ancient Chinese. However, Korean is a non-tonal language, so when pronouncing Han-Korean words, Koreans will pronounce many homophones, so to avoid misunderstanding and using the wrong words, in South Korea still teaches 1800 Hanja characters to children, while the DPRK has abolished the use of Chinese characters in this spoken and written system decades ago.

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